Weekly Special - Meat

9/16 - 9/27 Grilled Hanger steak over roasted garlic mash potatoes, brussels sprouts, and Mushroom demi-glace. A steakhouse staple right in your kitchen.

$12.49 Earn 13 Bro Points
  • 531.1 kcal (with sauce 548.7 kcal) Calories
  • 31.4g (with sauce 34.3g) Carbs (g)
  • 25.5g Fat (g)
  • 44g (with sauce 45.5g) Protein (g)

Hanger Steak, evoo, salt and pepper, mushroom demi glace, beef stock, red wine, tomato paste, mushrooms, herbs,  roasted garlic mash potatos, red potatos, skim milk, garlic oil, brussels sprouts. 

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