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Meal NameCaloriesProteinFatCarbs
Kiddie Meal595 (with sauce 680)6615 (with sauce 20)49 (with sauce 59)
The Frankie Edgar50049.22030.8
Basics with Asparagus498.8 (chicken) 260.1 (shrimp) 516.9 (salmon) 377.9 (steak)64 (chicken) 44 (shrimp) 38.6 (salmon) 40.6 (steak)8.8 (chicken) 4 (shrimp) 22.1 (salmon) 7.1 (steak)40.9 (chicken) 42.9 (shrimp) 40.9 (salmon) 40.9 (steak)
Chipotle Chili594.436.62067
Chipotle Chili No Carb538.657.52325.4
Ropa Vieja551.56211.949.1
Dirty Boy525.633.219.255
Turkey Taco Salad361.728.219.318.8
No Carbs Bro
Clean Burger316.427.39.630.2
Plain Jane522.4 (with sauce 689.3)42.6 (with sauce 50.6)14 (with sauce 28.1)42.6 (with sauce 50.6)
Basics with Broccoli504.3 (chicken) 285.4 (shrimp) 542.2 (salmon) 403.2 (steak)64.3 (chicken) 44 (shrimp) 38.9 (salmon) 40.9 (steak)8.7 (chicken) 4 (shrimp) 24.2 (salmon) 9.2 (steak)42.2 (chicken) 44.2 (shrimp) 42.2 (salmon) 42.2 (steak)
Basics with String Beans522 (chicken) 283.3 (shrimp) 540.1 (salmon) 401.1 (steak)64.7 (chicken) 44 (shrimp) 39.3 (salmon) 41.3 (steak)8.8 (chicken) 4 (shrimp) 22.1 (salmon) 7.1 (steak)46 (chicken) 48 (shrimp) 46 (salmon) 46 (steak)
Basics with Spinach546.4 (chicken) 307.7 (shrimp) 564.5 (salmon) 425.5 (steak)67.2 (chicken) 44 (shrimp) 41.8 (salmon) 43.8 (steak)11.2 (chicken) 4 (shrimp) 24.5 (salmon) 9.5 (steak)44.2 (chicken) 46.2 (shrimp) 44.2 (salmon) 44.2 (steak)
Honey BBQ Chicken60461.2711.9363
Post Workout46339.317.836.4
General Bro's Chicken684.8 (chicken breast option: 600.8)48.8 (chicken breast option: 54.8)27.6 (chicken breast option: 15.6)60.3 (chicken breast option: 60.3)
Southwest Scramble61943.53728
Weekly Special - Vegetarian43592739
Hot Meat295.6 (dressing +125)30.7 (dressing +1g)6.4 (dressing +13g)28.8 (dressing +1g)
Bro Science494.165.37.741.2
Chocolate-Peanut Butter Protein Balls182 (per 1 ball)61119
Weekly Special - Meat512.8 (with sauce 552.8)412042.2 (with sauce 52.2)
Weekly Special - Poultry428482930
Weekly Special - Seafood470403010
Lemon-Pepper Chicken (Under 400 Calories)291.548.38.75
Shredded Buffalo Chicken (Under 400 Calories)280.447.85.210.6
Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes387 (agave +336)14767 (agave +84g)
Black Bean Burger489 (with sauce 600)17 (with sauce 18)13 (with sauce 24)76 (with sauce 78)
Gina's Eggplant Meatballs401.422.321.829
Baked Wings - BBQ587.747.132.526.7
Baked Wings - Lemon Herb693.460.4477.2
Peanut Butter Oatmeal Protein Cookies - Marci's Munchies89.7 (per cookie)3.558.4
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies - Marci's Munchies88.7 (per cookie)457.1
Skinny Shrimp (Under 400 Calories)285.312.821.310.6
Garlic-Herb Salmon (Under 400 Calories)38330.526.65.4
Baked Wings - Buffalo693.460.4467.2
Boni's Home498232643
Alabama Slamma'721422725
Chicken Poke Bowl592 (chicken breast option: 507)46 (chicken breast option: 52)29.4 (chicken breast option: 17.4)35.6 (chicken breast option: 35.6)
Brookies - Marci's Munchies128 (per brookie)
Cheesecake Brownie - Marci's Munchies90 (per brownie)
S'mores Brownie - Marci's Munchies72.5 (per brownie)629.1
NITRO Cold Brew Coffee - 4 Pack
Cinnamon Roll Muffin - Marci's Munchies94.5 (per muffin)
Chicken Caprese Salad708.647.546.624.8
Roasted Salmon857.445.251.852.6
Chicken Permission709681771
Sweet Potato Burrito Bowl741.925.228.396.6
Mexican Chicken Soup5255520.629.9
Shrimp Stir-Fry (Under 400 calories)247 (with sauce 334)30 (with sauce 32)7 (with sauce 14)16 (with sauce 20)
Beef Meatloaf605.829.72370
Teriyaki Salmon Burger531.640.32047.6
Shrimp Fajita Bowl408 (with salsa 448)40.51039 (with salsa 49)
H2BRO Naturally Alkaline Water 1L - 12 Pack
Cookie Pie - Marci's Munchies1848.48.516.6
Loaded Guacamole533.75.746.124
Chicken Marsala531.557.513.545
Beef & Bean Chili656.342.527.160.6
Soba Noodles & Tofu573.828.828.151.4
Korean Cornmeal Baked Chicken688.8 (721.8 with sauce)71.6 (72.6 with sauce)20 (21 with sauce)55.6 (60.6 with sauce)
The Aloha743 (with sauce 823)463561 (with sauce 81)
Stuffed French Toast439 kcal (with sauce 479)20.6g13g59.9g (with sauce 69.9)
The Benny Bro475.1 (with sauce 590.1)59.919.5 (with sauce 22)15 (with sauce 37)
Cuban Mojo Shrimp658.6 kcal (with sauce 678.6)4514.587g carbs (with sauce 91)
Greek Quinoa Buddha Bowl820.414.85077.8
Shredded Texas BBQ Beef471.1 (sauce 535.1)26.619.148.2 (sauce +16)
Iron Army IsoGrass Reserve - Vanilla Caramel
Iron Army IsoGrass Reserve - Dark Chocolate
Iron Army Intra Reserve - Blueberry Pineapple
Iron Army Intra Reserve - Tarties
Iron Army VitaBomb
FITALY® Turkey Bolognese649492166
Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Sandwich - Marci's Munchies *gluten-free*2961015.832
Blondie - Marci's Munchies *vegan & gluten-free*28914.38.335
Southwestern Shrimp516471255
Shrimp Scampi411461523
Nourished by Nature - Grateful Green701017
Nourished by Nature - Black Ginger-Aid20006
NITRO Cold Brew Espresso - 4 Pack
Carolina BBQ Chicken694742250
Italian Chicken Burger588552047

BULK (per 1 pound)

Meal Namekilo CaloriesProteinFatCarbs
Chicken Breast824.6159.820.60
Chicken Thighs898112500
Turkey Burgers64088320
93% lean ground turkey64088320
90% lean ground beef80092480
London Broil724100360
Roasted Sweet Potato4219194
Roasted Red Bliss Potatoes54610.51690
Brown Rice511.3124.1106.6
Jasmine White Rice468.8103.2100
String Beans1376126

All macros are approximate and may vary slightly per meal.

Macro calculations provided by Revolutionize.