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Korean Cornmeal Baked Chicken

Korean Cornmeal Baked Chicken

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A crisp gluten-free cornmeal crusted chicken breast over steamed white rice and Asian slaw, served with a side of gochujang ranch.

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Ingredients/Nutritional Info

IngredientsKorean chicken cutlet (chicken breast, cornmeal, gf breadcrumbs, salt, pepper, egg), Asian slaw (zucchini, Brussels sprouts, carrots, cabbage, gf soy sauce, sesame oil, organic agave, rice vinegar, salt, pepper), white rice, gochujang ranch (ranch dressing, gochujang).
Calories688.8 (721.8 with sauce)
Carbs (g)55.6 (60.6 with sauce)
Fat (g)20 (21 with sauce)
Protein (g)71.6 (72.6 with sauce)
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