Seth Petraroli

Seth Petraroli

Live Chat Manager

"A short Philosophical description regarding Human Nature:

Man’s essence: a dichotomy predicated on hedonism and altruism; the former, base, crass, malign; the latter, an antithetical thing, an attribute we ought to always extol; regarding life, selflessness, aiding a fellow person, etc. are actions we must continuously strive to realize.

These latter comportments transcend our inimical, epicurean nature, but they are onerous tasks, actions which many people fail to accomplish.

In brevity, being a just person is hard work and is defined by how one helps his fellow man.

I have scrupulously studied ideas regarding morality for years (hedonism, deontology, altruism, error theory, utilitarianism, etc.), and I espouse deontological goods, meaning I am a champion of benevolence.

Eat Clean Bro, for me, unequivocally, accords itself to said philosophical position as well; its core goal:

improve one’s quality of life by offering affordable, healthy meals.

Stated differently, rather than avariciously preying on our affinities for fatty and sugary foods, Eat Clean Bro works arduously to produce healthy and tasty meals for ALL, even when profit margins are affected.

I have known Jamie and Kayla for a long time, and their ideals have remained constant: create a morally robust business.

I too want to do something that matters in this world, and I am humbled by the opportunity to be a part of the Eat Clean Bro family."