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Testimonials from our Facebook page

Lena Bakir: Just got our first delivery yesterday. Couldn't be happier. The food was delicious. Can't wait to try the other meals we got. The driver was extremely prompt and arrived when he said he would be there. Definitely will be ordering again.

Tara Katzman: Seriously impressed. I showed up at 4:59 and was running super late, they were more than amazing to me. So then the food? O.M.G. I really feel like I'm 'cheating'. This is NOT mass produced food. This food is SERIOUSLY better than food I've gotten in restaurants. AMAZING.

Todd Maggio: I got my order last night and I had my first to meals today and I have to say they were delicious and for me a single guy and don't have the time to cook and the hours I work this works great for me . Cause I been eating bad and not getting all the protein and veggies I need . Thank u eat clean bro.

Jennie McNally: Love the food, in addition to that the service is top notch - they always go above and beyond for any requests i might have. Their delivery people are extremely professional as well, i would certainly recommend eat clean bro to anyone i know

Jenna Nicoletti Barran: Every single item I ordered was absolutely delicious!! I am so glad I tried this I will definitely be ordering again! Great service, great delivery, great food and oh all the time I saved not food prepping!! I can't thank you enough!!!

Melissa Israel-Surdez: The best, tastiest, freshest food for the busy on the go family! We just couldn't get our act together - 2 kids in school and both of us working, lots of night activities- we were eating awfully! ECB - u rescued us - yum!!!!

Gabrielle Eichel: I have been ordering from Eat Clean Bro for two years now. The food is fresh and delicious, customer service has been first class and I have never ever had a bad meal! Each meal is labeled and given a use by date for freshness. This is eating clean at its best and there is no one like Eat Clean Bro!! The bonus is they are affordable! Try them, you won't be disappointed!

Doriann San Pedro: Eat clean bro is the best! Everything on the menu is delicious and I love that there are different specials every week. Everyone that works there is friendly and always pleasant. I have recommended them to everyone I know. Makes it so easy to eat clean and healthy all week long!

Jess McFergussen: I have had Eat Clean Bro cater my husband's bday party, ordered right after I had my baby (what a great time saver) & recently my husband had ECB cater my surprise birthday party! They always provide high-quality, delicious, healthy food! Since I have a gluten allergy, I'm always concerned about how gluten-free something is, but I always know I can trust eat clean bro! You're the best! Chicken parm & turkey burgers are my favorites. ❤

Jessica Ann: I first tried Eat Clean Bro when Jamie came to my store's health fair. It was absolutely amazing, so when I realized I had a tough week coming up with not a lot of time to cook, I knew exactly where to turn. Ordering online is quick and easy, as was the delivery. Even as a picky eater, I had no issues finding meals I know I would enjoy. The protein balls are a great snack (thanks Steve!) Couldn't ask for anything better! Thanks!

Mike Crowson: As a personal trainer its hard to find a legit company that stands behind their healthy food. I have used Eat Clean Bro for 6 months now and I never miss meals anymore and actually have put on muscle because of it! No more ordering out just to get chicken. Half the price and twice the convenience!

Denise Mirabella Gabriel: My husband and I just finished our first round order! With both of us working full time and a daughter heavily involved in school and sports we are running constantly! We were ordering in 3 times a week or more. This is a great way for us to stay on track and know we are getting the best for us! The Frankie Edgar is my favorite!