Gluten-Free Thai Peanut Noodles

Organic noodles tossed with crisp Asian vegetables & homemade peanut sauce topped with grilled cajun chicken breast.

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Sesame Seed

Calories 820

Carbs (g) 74

Fiber (g) 9

Fat (g) 27

Protein (g) 66

Chicken Breast, Organic Spaghetti (Organic Durum (wheat) Semolina), Broccoli, Carrots, Bell Peppers, Onion, Peanut Butter (Peanuts), Sweet Chili Sauce (Sugar, Water, Pickled Red Chili, Vinegar, Garlic, Salt, Xanthan Gum), Soy Sauce (Water, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Corn Syrup, Salt, Caramel Colo, Lactic Acid, Potassium Sorbate Preservative), Water, Sesame Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cajun Spice Blend, Salt, Black Pepper

Protein Type Calories Fat (g) Carbs (g) Fiber (g) Protein (g)
Chipotle Chicken Breast 221 4.8 0 0 41.4
Shrimp 168 0.5 0.3 0 40.8
Carb Type Calories Fat (g) Carbs (g) Fiber (g) Protein (g)
Organic Spaghetti 200 1 42 2 6
GF Spaghetti 200 1.5 43 2 4

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