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Why over 6,000 people love ECB

5 star rating
Freakin’ delicious

I have tried several at home meal delivery services. Eat Clean Bro is the undisputed heavyweight champion. The meals just inspire confidence. The food is freakin' delicious.

Dave A.
Google Reviews
5 star rating
Better than a restaurant

Better than most restaurant-made Chicken Parms and way healthier!

Alex L.
Google Reviews
5 star rating
The options though

The most amazing healthy food. The taste of the food is delicious. Delivery is always on time. You have a lot of food options to choose from the menu. I recommend this place to everyone!

Jake B.
Google Reviews
5 star rating
No one compares

I truly cannot say enough good about them! From the speedy delivery to the delicious food and amazing pricing, there is no meal prep service out there that compares to these guys.

Amanda S.
Google Reviews
5 star rating
So fresh and delicious

Eat Clean Bro is amazing! The food is always fresh and delicious. There is a huge variety of meals to choose from so I never get tired of the selection.

Francesca R.
Google Reviews
5 star rating
Fresh, affordable and delicious

There's a reason this company has 5 stars... their food is fresh, affordable and delicious!! I've tried a lot of meal prep companies, and these guys definitely rise to the top.

Amanda R.
Google Reviews
5 star rating

This is the only meal service you’ll need to surpass your goals. The meals are great and are so well balanced, you don’t ever realize you’re eating clean(bro).

Michael J.
Google Reviews
5 star rating
So healthy

The best healthy quality food!!! I enjoy eating from Eat Clean Bro since they give me the most options of choices of my prep meals. They also deliver 4x per week.

Yani R.
Google Reviews
5 star rating
Healthy and fresh delivery

Love the healthy and fresh delivered meals and the wide variety of options they offer. I buy extra each week for the entire family. They make a great after school snack and perfect for when everyone is on the go.

John L.
Google Reviews
5 star rating
The macro calculations are key

The convenience of having a healthy, delicious meal waiting for me when I get home from a long day is priceless. The fact that the macros are calculated, the portions are satiating, and the variety is substantial -- particularly with their rotating specials.

Emily K.
Google Reviews
5 star rating
Get shredded and healthy

Get shredded and be healthy yeah I’m in! This place has quickly become my favorite! First customer service is great; super friendly and knowledgeable. I just asked for a quick meal inside no description other than telling them a bodybuilding meal low fat boom!!

Jim W
Google Reviews
5 star rating
ECB is in a class of its own

ECB is in a class of its own. Their food is good enough, with portions large enough, that I'm almost suspicious of the stated macros.

Harry G.
Google Reviews
5 star rating
Can't wait for more!

Customer Service: TOP NOTCH!
Food: Fresh and tastes so good!
Convenient: Packed and just ready for you to heat up quick!
I can't wait to taste more of their food!

Melanie R.
Google Reviews
5 star rating
Life saver

Our meals are fresh and packed well every time. We have never had a delay either. They have been a life saver during this whole pandemic as well. We have recommended to over 20 friends.

Gina P.
Google Reviews
5 star rating
Restaurant quality

All the meals are restaurant quality and extremely fresh. The portions are plentiful. Very filling depending on the meal. The specials are very creative. And the menu items I’ve been ordering from day one are delicious

Justin K.
Google Reviews
5 star rating
Not like the others

Food is fresh, not like others I have tried. No frozen vegetables. Meat isn't rubbery. Chicken tender and juicy. Ground products aren't dry. Lots of flavor and the portion are great.

Google Reviews
5 star rating
Amazing quality

Amazing quality. Not to mention, the meals came in a day (decided last minute to order prepared foods for the week) when all companies in my area require deadlines to submit meal prep order.

Melanie C.
Google Reviews
5 star rating
Staying accountable for eating goals

The meals make a perfect quick mindless lunch or dinner that allow me to stay accountable to my eating goals. Eat Clean Burger with sweet potato and spinach is my go-to.

Elisabeth K.
Google Reviews
5 star rating
True professionals

20 outstanding meals delivered every week without any problems. These folks are true professionals and run an exceptional business.

Brennan S.
Google Reviews
5 star rating
Healthy, quick and delicious

These meals have made my lunches and dinners healthy, quick and delicious. My biggest dilemma is that it is hard to try new meals because I liked the meals I already ordered so much.

David G.
Google Reviews
5 star rating
Impeccable delivery

The delivery is quick and I love that they text you with the updates of your delivery and then send you a picture once they drop it off. Sometimes I don't have the time to prep my food on the weekends so Eat Clean Bro is my go to in that case. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Crystal P.
Google Reviews
5 star rating
Easy pick up

Their customer service is top notch. I love the ease of the food pick up, you don’t even have to step foot out of your car.

Jennifer N.
Google Reviews
5 star rating
Easiest way to meal prep

Best and easiest way to meal prep. Working 6 days a week i found myself eating out a lot. Not only is eat clean bro a healthier option but I’m also saving a bit of money and the food is always great.

Donte Fearrington
Google Reviews

How it Works

dinner plate & utensils

Pick Your Meals

A new menu of 30+ options every week


Cooked Fresh by Chefs

Our gourmet chefs do the prep, so you can do you.

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Heat, Eat & Enjoy

No prep. No mess. Our meals arrive ready to heat and eat in minutes.

Fresh. Healthy. Convenient.

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Fresh & never frozen

Made from scratch and fully prepared.

hand serving fresh meal

Cooked to perfection by chefs

Leave it to the professionals.


Healthy, nutritious meals

No processed foods. Only the highest quality ingredients.

Quick delivery

Delivered to your doorstep

Save time and focus on what matters most to you.

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Fresh. Healthy. Convenient.

Excellence Starts From The Inside Out

Eat Clean Bro brings fresh, chef-prepared meals right to your door. We remove processed food, chemicals, and preservatives from your diet and prepare your meals fresh with all natural ingredients.

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