Celebrate Jamie's Birthday with a Limited-Edition BBQ Feast!

Celebrate Jamie's Birthday with a Limited-Edition BBQ Feast!

Introducing Jamie's Favorite BBQ Bundle - a limited-edition, flavor-packed meal available for a short time only!  This isn't your average BBQ Beef Brisket; it's Eat Clean Bro approved, meaning you can indulge in delicious, clean eating without sacrificing taste.

This exclusive offer is only available in limited quantities, only 400 meals, so don't miss out.

Here's what's smokin' in this exclusive bundle:

Smoked Beef Brisket: Tender, juicy, and cooked to smoky perfection. This ain't your grandpa's brisket - it's Eat Clean Bro!

Tangy BBQ Sauce: The perfect balance of sweet and savory, this sauce will have you licking your fingers.

Creamy Gouda Mac & Cheese: Because what's a BBQ Beef Brisket without some cheese? This isn’t your average mac and cheese either - it's loaded with flavor and light on the guilt.

Crispy Pickle Chips: Tangy, crunchy, and the perfect counterpoint to the richness of the brisket and mac and cheese.


Nutritional Benefits to Celebrate

This BBQ Beef Brisket isn't just about the amazing taste. Here's a breakdown of some key nutritional benefits:


High-Quality Protein: The brisket boasts 38 grams of protein, crucial for muscle building and repair.

Iron Powerhouse: Brisket is a great source of iron, essential for healthy red blood cell production and oxygen delivery throughout your body. 

B Vitamin Boost: The meal provides essential B vitamins that contribute to healthy skin, hair, and nails.


Important Delivery Notice:

This limited-quantity BBQ meal is available for delivery or pick-up from June 23rd to June 26th only. Orders placed for delivery outside of June 23rd to June 26th will be refunded. 


Make Jamie's Birthday Unforgettable!

Grab your limited-edition BBQ Beef Brisket for just $16.99 and celebrate with Eat Clean Bro! Don't miss out on this chance to celebrate Jamie's birthday, order yours today!


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