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The Gains Just Keep On Comin' Bro!

Q-What is the New Eat Clean Bro Reward’s Program?
A- You asked and you received. Eat Clean Bro introduces a system for our loyal customers- the more you shop, the more you can earn and save! *Effective April 15th, 2017.

Q- What is a 'Bro Point'?
A- A ‘Bro Point’ is an earned value for each and every order purchased, referral, tweet, ‘Like’ or review left for our meals.

Q- How Do Customers Earn Points?
A- Customers may collect points by referring friends through our Referral Program, posts, shares, check-ins on social media, purchasing any products, and of course, by ordering their favorite deliciously, clean meals.

Q- How Many Points Does An Individual Need to Earn to Convert to Spend?!
A- Customers can start earning instantly. For every $1 spent, a point is earned. As our customers shop throughout the site, they will find a certain number of points associated with every meal and product they want to ‘Add to Cart’. There is a minimum amount of 167 points to be accumulated before customers can apply points to their purchase at Checkout. This equates to approx. $5.00.

Q- How Many Points Does a Customer Need to Earn a Free Meal?
A- Once a customer hits the minimum amount of earned points, they can immediately apply it to their next order, or wait to save up for a bigger discount/reward! Since every meal is different in price, Eat Clean Bro cannot give you an exact quote.However, some easy math, for every 100 ‘Bro Points’ accrued, it equals $3.

Q- Can Individuals Earn Points as a 'Guest'?
A- Although we love and appreciate new customers, this is meant to reward our faithful following. In order to earn and track points, customers must have an account and login set up to redeem points.

Q- What Can 'Bro Points' Be Used Towards?
A- Points may be used towards future orders, including everything from meals, bulk orders, Gift Cards, merchandise like hats and hoodies, and more.

Q- What are 'Bonus Bro Points'?
A- Bonus Bro Points are the additional points that may be earned with Eat Clean Bro’s extra incentives. Love a product? Leave a review and you'll earn some points. Or show us some love by liking or tweeting about a product, using the 'Like' and 'Tweet' buttons on each individual product page, to earn even more.

Q- What Is the Referral Program?
A- Well, Bros… It’s as simple as it sounds. Earn bonus points simply by sending a referral. Whether it's family, friend or a total stranger, Eat Clean Bro is giving you an easy opportunity to receive 200 Bro Points when your referral makes their first purchase. Best part? Your friend will receive 50 Bro Points for their first purchase too! Send a referral now!

Note: You must be logged in to send referrals, as we need to know who to reward the points to. Additional Promo Codes cannot be applied to referrals.