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A - If you're not seeing pick-up or delivery options appear when attempting to complete check-out, it's likely because you don't have your profile completely filled out. You MUST create a profile on our website if you want your order to go through. Go to the bottom of the page and under my account click "My Profile" and make sure you have your name, email, phone, and address filled in. (Yes, you DO need to fill out an address even if you are picking your order up.)

A - We offer a simple way to re-order the same meals as your previous purchase (specials may change) when logged into your account. Please ensure that you have selected the correct meals before submitting!

A - If you do not have the 5 meal minimum for delivery in your cart, delivery will not be a check out option for you. Add a few meals and watch the magic happen.

A - Our delivery window is approximately 2 - 10 PM. We specifically do not promise food will be there by a certain time because we process thousands of meals on delivery days, and our drivers are responsible for hundreds of meals. Your meals are made FRESH the morning of delivery, and they are loaded into our delivery drivers' vehicles as soon as they are ready. Please be patient with us.

A - Our main goal at the Bro is to provide clean, preservative free, convenient, healthy options. We like to leave decisions about your daily sustenance up to you, or better yet, a dietician, nutritionist, or personal trainer. If you'd like to explore personalized meal plan options, please send an inquiry to revolutionizenj@gmail.com

A - Our meals are broken down into various categories. Meals lower in carbohydrates, and higher in protein are, in all likelihood, your best bet. That being said, weight loss depends upon your lifestyle and exercise choices, and one size does NOT fit all.

A - Global domination in the meal prep game is on the horizon. But for right now, we are limited to select regions of NJ, NY & PA - please check HERE to see if we service your area.

A - You can pick up your food at 260 South St, Freehold, NJ 07728 (South Gate Manor) on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday after 3 PM.

A - Though the doneness of steak has been the subject of debate amongst many bros over the years, yours looks like that for a reason. Our meals are slightly, slightly undercooked so that when you at home reheat them, their deliciousness and taste integrity are not totally destroyed. There are no nasty preservatives in our food. Fish meals must ALWAYS be heated when you receive them.

A - If sweet potatoes aren’t your thing, or the thought of asparagus pee gives you hives, many of our meals have options to swap out or exclude starches, proteins, or veggies.

A - Meals are fresh up to FOUR days in the refrigerator, and UP TO one month in the freezer. We recommend transferring them to an airtight container if you choose to freeze them.

A - Yes, they can be frozen for up to one month and do not have to be defrosted. When ready to eat, just heat them up for a little longer than the normal recommended 2 minutes. For freshest quality, do not freeze seafood or salad. We also recommend to put these meals in the freezer the day you receive them to have it frozen at the meals freshest date.

A - Calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrates for each meal can be found at the bottom of each meal's page.

A- Our drivers deliver hundreds of meals on delivery days. For their safety and sanity, cash is not permitted as delivery payment.

A - Throw that bad boy in the microwave, 2-3 minutes with the top on OR remove your meal from the plastic container and cook in the oven at 350° for ten minutes.

A - Your driver will text you when they leave our facility, and again when they are about 20 minutes away. If a text back is delayed, don’t panic. They are driving vans full of precious cargo and can’t always make it to the phone. We haven't forgotten you.

A - All of our drivers are piloting "refrigerators on wheels". Your food is always kept cool in a temperature-regulated van.

A -You can find a complete list of our delivery zones & schedule HERE.

A - All bulk orders must meet a minimum total of $50.00. You can view the available products and quantities on our Catering page.

A - As always, we recommend using your best judgment. Allergens are listed on our menu, but our meals ARE prepared on shared equipment. If the thought of lactose makes your stomach turn, please use your personal experience and discretion. The majority of our meals are gluten-free.

A - Nope. If you will not be home, just leave instructions for your driver in the comments section when you check out. Remember to leave your cooler bag out. Either select that you need a cooler bag at checkout or leave a delivery comment that you have previously purchased one.

A - Our greatest priority is quality control. When you place late orders, bros everywhere cry. Last minute orders can mess with our cooking production, meaning people who ordered on time may suffer unintentionally. Not the bro move. We kindly ask that you place your orders before the deadline.

A - Don't worry! The meal price to pick up and pay cash is still $8.50. The discount will be applied at checkout.

A - Bro Points are part of our exciting rewards program. Find out more about the Rewards Program.