Eat Clean Bro Gathers the Community in Remembrance of September 11th

Eat Clean Bro Gathers the Community in Remembrance of September 11th

Eatontown, NJ: On Friday, September 11th Eat Clean Bro Founder Jamie Giovinazzo honored the men and women who lost their lives nineteen years ago by bringing the community together.

When Giovinazzo learned that New York City was not going to illuminate the sky to honor the victims of the September 11th attacks, he felt compelled to do something about it. “At a time when people have been stuck in quarantine for months...the last thing I could imagine were dark skies on September 11th.”

Jamie gathered his team and reached out to a few friends about his idea to light up the sky from New Jersey. Immediately UFC bantamweight contender Frankie Edgar, NY Mets Todd Frazier, Chris Todd of Pride & Service Elevator and and David Paris of Paris Ackerman LLP offered their support.

At 9:11 PM the crowd gathered for a moment of silence to honor the victims. Immediately following, Carmen Sclafani of ‘Wiser Time’ performed the Star Bangled Banner on electric guitar. Jamie then stepped up to the mic and thanked everyone for coming out.

"September 11th is one of those days as Americans where we should be putting our political views and religion aside and everything that is pulling us apart as people today. That was why it was really important to invite every body here and bring everybody together and share some food and honor the innocent people that lost their lives on September 11th.” said Giovinazzo.

Jersey City firefighter Mark Lee shared a personal story. His father, Mark Lee Sr, was a Jersey City firefighter for 31 years with Engine Company 10. As a first responder, he worked the pile for three weeks. In 2014, Mark’s father passed from complications from illness related to the attack. He said they are reminded every September 11th of how the day impacted their family. Eat Clean Bro now looks to host the event again next year– bigger and better in 2021. They will never forget.

Special thanks to Frankie Perez at 1 Oak Events for supplying the sound system and stage.


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