Tracking your macros, what's it all about!?

Tracking your macros, what's it all about!?

There's no arguing against the fact that regularly exercising is good for your health. A properly set up exercise routine could help you lose weight, build strength, and kickstart a healthy lifestyle change. Exercising will help boost energy, keep your bones and heart healthy, and enhance your metabolism. Working out also boosts your immunity, enables you to sleep peacefully, and increases the production of endorphins, reducing anxiety and stress while also alleviating pain. When you pair exercise with a healthy diet, it can help you achieve your fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We know we should always want to stay fit and healthy for all of these reasons, so how do you stay motivated along the way throughout your Fitness Journey?

Create self-assessment goals

Setting clear goals for yourself is an easy yet powerful way to stay motivated. Since you understand what you aim towards, it's easier to be excited about the upcoming workout. When it comes to defining objectives for oneself, there are two things to bear in mind, reality, and specificity. Becoming clear about your goals might assist you in avoiding any ambiguity concerning your target. Therefore, it's a good idea to describe what your objectives are and when you want to achieve them because unclear non-descriptive goals might make it difficult to determine whether you're on the right course or not.

Invest in workout gear and equipment that will help you get started

Getting dressed up or down in your preferred training attire will help you stay on course. The appropriate exercise attire may help you feel more enthusiastic about engaging in your training, regardless of whether you are getting results or how you think about your physical appearance. Pick some clothes and gear you feel confident in and love! Examples of gear and accessories are yoga mats, jump ropes, dumbbells, and a gym bag. Additionally, if you like the way a particular feature of your body appears, choose clothing that emphasizes that feature and shows it off, appropriately!

Make a workout playlist

Nothing gets you moving like your favorite music when you're working out! Several studies have also reported music you enjoy to increase exercise performance and endurance and helps you combat tiredness! According to research published in the journal Psychology of sport and exercise, individuals who listened to happy, motivating music had better performance, higher heart rates, and a greater sense of happiness compared to those who listen to no music or a podcast interview.

Give yourself a treat

There's nothing wrong with treating yourself along the way as you're reaching new goals and workout objectives! Drastic progress in your fitness journey might take time, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the small victories along the way that add up! Include a reward for reaching your goals as you are writing them down. Anything can be a reward, such as new clothes or a cheat day ;)

Don't be too hard on yourself

It may sound corny, but getting in shape and staying healthy requires commitment and dedication. Most of us believe that losing weight in a month is possible, and believe that you can achieve a bikini figure in 30-60 days due to social media and so many other reasons. There's no denying that you will see results if you put in the effort and remain committed. However, disillusionment may come in when we place too much pressure on ourselves to appear a specific way by a given period or have unreasonable expectations. Understand that it's you vs. you day after day, and that progress is what's important! Be better than you were yesterday as often as possible and you are more than just on the right track!

Pick a fitness routine that drives you

You're certainly not alone if some exercises don't excite you. There are an infinite amount of ways to train for any goal. Pick routines and exercises that are not just ideal for your goals, but that you enjoy performing as well! Even though most people are familiar with basic cardio workouts like cycling or running, there are several other excellent cardiovascular workouts to try, such as yoga, Pilates, dance, swimming, climbing, and so much more. Pick your favorite equipment or lap pool if you like to work out at the gym. If you want to work out at home, create a relaxing environment for yourself and your session. It's not about following the rules when it comes to fitness.

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Think About Getting A Workout Partner

Finding a workout partner may be a terrific way to keep yourself and your exercise partner inspired and motivated. Your exercise buddy and you may hold each other responsible, offer fitness advice, and pick each other up when you are low. Friendly competitiveness with your gym partner, or even working out in a class led by an instructor are great ways to benefit from this.

Getting started on your fitness journey is always worthwhile, regardless of which of these motivating fitness guidelines you adopt. We hope this article helps you start your journey NOW if you're not already on your way to becoming the healthiest and happiest version of yourself that you could be :)

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