Fireworks and Fat Burning: How to Have a Healthy Fourth of July

Fireworks and Fat Burning: How to Have a Healthy Fourth of July

By: Matt Weik

Nothing screams ‘Murica more than the Fourth of July.  Friends, family, fireworks, and fun.  We all get together to celebrate our independence while chowing down on some delicious food and partaking in some adult beverages.  The unfortunate part is, when the party stops, many are left looking down at a bloated midsection, upset stomach, and unwanted weight gain.  Don’t let all of that hard work in the gym go to waste.  Here is how to have a healthy Fourth of July without sending your weight soaring as high as the fireworks.

4th of July BBQ

Below are some strategies you can use and implement to have a healthy Fourth of July and make better decisions that will help keep you on track with your fitness goals while still allowing you to not be labeled as a party-pooper.

  1. Exercise Early in the Day

Why not kick off your healthy Fourth of July by getting your workout in early in the day?  Wake up, get in a killer workout (both resistance training and cardio), and get yourself ready to enjoy the day.  With your workout out of the way, you know you burned off a bunch of calories, you know the calories you add the rest of the day will help go towards muscle recovery (without overdoing it), and who doesn’t want to go to a party looking to show off their physique and hard work in the gym?


  1. Have a Satiating Snack Before Attending Parties

Just like you don’t want to go grocery shopping while hungry, you don’t want to go to a party on an empty stomach.  Why?  Because EVERYTHING looks good and more times than not, self-control is thrown out the window.  Have yourself a snack with protein and healthy fats that will help you feel satiated, so you don’t keep gravitating over towards the food at your parties.  Follow this simple strategy and you’ll have a healthy Fourth of July this year.

What's For Lunch Bro?


  1. Enjoy Yourself But Be Aware of Your Portions

It’s easy to grab a plate and load it up with delicious party food.  After all, eating food among friends and family is part of the social experience at parties.  But if you want to have a healthy Fourth of July, you need to focus on portion control.  First thing’s first, find the protein and vegetables.  Chicken, hamburgers, sausage, steak, broccoli, celery, carrots, peppers – all great options to fill up your plate with.  You can have your desserts and delicious sides too but be sure you have them in moderation – don’t overdo it.


  1. Don’t Forget About Drinking Water

Last but certainly not least of our strategies for a healthy Fourth of July is water.  Unfortunately, not many people prioritize water while at outdoor gatherings.  Combine the high temperatures in July with the fact that people may be enjoying some adult beverages and things can go downhill fast.  Make sure you are drinking water throughout the day to not only stay hydrated but to help balance out your beverages for the day and keep things under control.  Remember, liquid calories add up fast if you aren't paying close attention to your intake.

Overall, enjoy yourself this holiday and celebrate the good times and the history behind the day!


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Author Matt Weik

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