The Importance of a Balanced Breakfast

The Importance of a Balanced Breakfast
The Importance of a Balanced Breakfast
A solid Breakfast can help you get going in the morning and give you a better day overall. It can provide energy and health benefits for an entire day and in the long run through consistency. It's important to choose the right foods to build a balanced breakfast to kickstart your day! 

Eat To Feel Less Brain Fog
If you struggle with brain fog in the morning, you can change that by eating something appropriate! Choose a healthy meal so that you can feel good about it and what it is doing for your body. If you get some nutrients in, then your head will clear up and you will feel much more prepared to take on the day. If you just got 7 hours of sleep, that means you went at LEAST 7 hours with no food or water! 
Breakfast Can Kickstart Your Metabolism For The Day
It might sound too good to be true, but eating earlier in the day could help you lose weight! If you choose foods that are full of protein and fiber and will keep you filled, then you might not be as tempted to eat bad foods throughout the day too. Studies have shown that many who eat breakfast regularly are at a healthier weight than those who skip it.

Eating Breakfast Can Lower Some Health Risks
Some of the benefits of eating breakfast go far beyond just a positive daily impact, and they include a lowered risk for heart disease and diabetes. Eating right away in the morning can help lower cholesterol, and studies have also shown that those who eat breakfast consistently are much less likely to be at a risk for type 2 diabetes.

Find Some Foods That Are Easy To Eat
One of the best ways to make sure you can stick with eating breakfast every day is to find some delicious and easy-to-eat foods for it. If you enjoy a good smoothie, then you can make them at home or buy them prepared. This is a simple and healthy meal option .. and a protein bar, oatmeal with some fruit, or some eggs and meat can be great quick and easy options, as well. Or, ordering from a meal prep company like Eat Clean Bro is a great way to choose from a variety of healthy ready-to-eat, chef-prepared meals that include balanced breakfasts!

Make Sure Kids Don't Skip The Meal
Breakfast is important for everyone, especially for kids. They need enough nutrients to help their bodies grow. It is important to start them off with the right meal each day so that they will be at their best throughout the day.

Get Hydrated In The Morning
Not only is it good to eat right away in the morning, but it is also good to get hydrated. Drink a good amount of water in the morning so that you can quickly get your body rehydrated. Remember, you just went 7 hours or so while sleeping with no water. Hydrating upon waking up may also help you feel more alert, and if you don't like plain water, then you can find a water/flavor enhancer or a healthy juice to drink in the morning.

Prepare Meals Ahead And Always Have The Right Foods On Hand
If you are always on the go or have busy mornings with your family, then you might want to prepare your breakfasts ahead. Put a breakfast casserole in the fridge the night before or bake a batch of muffins that are good to go. Keep some fruit or meal replacement bars in the house so that you can grab them before you leave and have a quick and easy breakfast that is good to go. Or order from Eat Clean Bro so you can pop ready to eat chef-prepared breakfasts in the microwave and eat in 2 minutes :) 

Starting The Day With Food Can Make You Feel Great
When you start the day with a good meal, you will feel more awake and alert than you would without it. If you choose the right foods and make sure you eat enough, but not too much, your body and mind will feel good. You may find yourself feeling happier in the morning and much more eager to get to work or do all the things that you need to do because you have the nutrients you need to make it through the beginning of the day.

Eating Right Away Will Help You Make Better Choices
When you eat a healthy meal to start the day, you might be less likely to eat a snack or a sugary coffee mid-morning. You won't feel as hungry when it comes to lunchtime, either, and you can make healthy food choices throughout the day. A good amount of protein and fiber for breakfast will fill you and set you up for a great rest of the day.

It is good to start your day off with a healthy meal so that you can put your body and mind in the right place. Doing this consistently can make you healthier, and once you are in the habit of eating in the morning you will realize the benefits that come along with it! Find some healthy foods to eat, get hydrated, and start each day at your best!

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